'I started having weekly Pilates classes with Yalckun over 10 years ago at the Triyoga in Primrose Hill. He is a brilliant teacher, very calm, constructive and encouraging. He obviously understands how Pilates can help to strengthen and shape the body. These Wednesday sessions were a highlight,an oasis of calm in my usually stressful week.   I was able to progress from a complete beginner to level II/III which keeps me fit and flexible'.


'Having children was enough to put out my back, but taking up a career in photography caused my body to be unbalanced with lots of aches and pains. I started with one to one Pilates classes on the machine with Yalckun over 7 years ago, and have maintained my strength, flexibility and deportment with continuous mat classes in Pilates. Yalckun has a sensitivity and understanding of the body and offers a personal programme that is perfectly tailored for your own body concerns; his mat classes are inspiring,fluid and continuously changing, which keeps up your interest and enthusiasm'.


'As an Osteopath we have to be very mindful of how we use ourselves as poor posture and use can lead to us having the very problems we are trying to treat in our patients. 

The classes that Yalckun teaches have provided a frame work for me to use my core and spine correctly so that the technique I practice when I am treating patients is supported by strength and stability. His classes not only  helped me with my  chronic lower back issues and wrist and shoulder issues. It has also given me the  tools to observe and analyse my patients posture which has helped me in diagnosis and treatment'.


'Yalckun is a fabulous Pilates teacher. He uses his dance background to provide very precise technique to achieve excellent body alignment as well as muscle tone. I have had Yalckun teach me for 5 years twice weekly and I enjoyed the lessons immensely'.


'Pilates with Yalckun made a big difference to my chronic back problem.  He was  always patient and encouraging and took real care to tailor the exercises to my own specific needs.  With weekly practice  I found flexibility that I had not expected to be able to achieve and which has made a long-term improvement'.


'Yalckun is by far one of the best Pilates teachers to have ever taught me. I had a lot of aches and pains during my pregnancy which he helped relieve and I gained my pre-pregnancy figure back thanks to all the hard work he put in with me'.


'First of all, the Pilates system has made a huge and lasting contribution my health and well-being, as well as saving not just my dance career but my ability to function. I learned how the method features calm positive movement strategies, with one on one assistance to access these. Yalckun is at the cutting edge on planet Pilates and I would not hesitate to go straight to him, knowing he could manage major problems as well as vital ongoing maintenance: knowing also that his sessions would be led in an ambience of enjoyment and holistic care'.


'Yalckun offers a unique experience for those who are looking for an authentic Pilates experience, but also for those with little interest in exercise, but who find themselves in need of repair. For both general well being and for those with chronic injury or requiring post operative restoration for long term well being, his advice and knowledge is invaluable. I found Yalckun after a second round of surgery for Crohn's Disease and both the  underlying condition and my long term posture have improved immeasurably. I still don't like exercise per se, but I do Pilates Equipment class weekly and quite happily'.


'Yalckun taught me Pilates for 3 years and he is a precise and meticulous teacher. While making each lesson challenging, he understood the delicate balance of the body. Through bringing in his dance background I found my experience of Pilates varied, fun and extremely beneficial'.